Woman faces charges for hitting husband with car

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --Tuesday night, a local woman is facing charges for hitting her estranged husband, with her car.

Police say 34-year-old Claire Newhouse went to talk to her husband this past Saturday outside a bar on Lincolnway East.

When she arrived, she found him with another woman and she tried to leave.

Officers say he then stood in front of her car and wouldn’t move.

That’s when police say she hit him. Newhouse says that it was an accident, but now faces battery with a deadly weapon charges.

The husband is expected to be okay.

There was a second similar incident this weekend involving a couple and a car.

South Bend police say on Sunday a man ran down a woman at the Saint Joseph County Fairgrounds.

Reports indicate the two had been arguing when the man hopped into his car and drove on a sidewalk to hit her.

No word on the victim’s condition.

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