Woman finds worm in can of corn

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Last week we spoke with a woman who found a toad in her can of green beans. The Food and Drug Administration allows a certain amount of ‘natural contaminants’ in our food – like mold and rodent hairs. One thing that is not included on that list was found in a local woman’s can of corn.

Alessandra Bradbury and her husband have their hands full with 5 kids.

Bradbury says she was shocked to find an unwelcome guest at dinner last Thursday.

"My husband was pulling the meatloaf out of the oven and I was putting the corn into a bowl,” said Bradbury. "I scooped up the butter and I looked in the thing and I was like what is that?"

Bradbury found a worm on top of the corn and took a picture of it. She said it started to move on her finger.

"My kids ran into the room and it was a worm. I don't know what kind of warm it was, but it was a worm and it grossed me out I didn't even eat dinner that night,” said Bradbury.

She was even more grossed out when she read the FDA "Food Defect Action Levels" packet we brought her.

That shows the FDA allows a certain amount of contamination in edible products they say are unavoidable in commercial food processing.

"Wow this is really an eye-opener now it just makes me weary of what to make my family now,” said Bradbury.

For example, in canned sweet corn the FDA allows a small amount of insect larva.

For chocolate and chocolate liquor, the average is one or more rodents’ hair for 100 grams.

According to the guidelines, the average 18 ounce jar of peanut butter could contain 5 or more rodent hairs and or 145 bug parts.

Bradbury says she doesn't have to worry about that since one of her kids is allergic to peanuts.

But now vegetables are a whole new dilemma.

“I'm just going to have to find a better way to give my kids their vegetables because they love vegetables,” said Bradbury.

We contacted Spartan Stores’ headquarters out of Grand Rapids for a comment on the corn.

Jeanne Norcross, the Vice President Corporate Affairs of Spartan Stores issued the following statement.

Spartan Stores encourages all consumers to contact our Consumer Affairs regarding product questions. Spartan products meet strict standards of quality and we offer a Double-Your-Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee.

They also said they are waiting for the customer to contact them.

Bradbury says she has not returned to Martins to complain about the Spartan can of corn because she is busy with her five children.

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