Woman forced to live in flooded apartment

ELKHART, Ind. -- A disabled woman in Elkhart is stuck in terrible living conditions. The pipes broke in the vacant apartment above hers and flooded her apartment.

You don't want to hear squishing coming from your living room carpet, but that is reality for Amber Harvey.

"My ceiling is leaking, it has cracks in it. Water is coming through the lights where I can get any type of electrical fire in here," said Harvey.

Harvey has a first floor apartment at Lexington Square. She is disabled and is confined to a wheelchair.

For the last month or so the pipes keep bursting in the vacant apartment above her. The water floods her apartment.

"This has not been the first time that we've had this water incident. We had this water incident a couple days ago, and then we had it earlier throughout the month," said Harvey.

Her landlord has given her a few fans, but those won't dry up all the water.

We called the apartment complex's corporate office to get some answers.

The regional office took down our number with little urgency.

So we pushed Harvey through the snow down to the leasing office.

The leasing agent wouldn't speak on camera but after Harvey explained the situation, the woman said she would have to speak to her boss to see what she could find out.

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