Woman rides horse across United States to bring awareness to domestic violence

PLYMOUTH, Ind. -- A woman and her horse are riding 10,000 miles to bring awareness to domestic violence.

Meredith Cherry and her horse Apollo are currently on a quest to ride to 48 states within a four year time span.

Cherry is travelling to domestic violence centers, women's shelters, schools and communities to bring awareness to domestic violence.

On Monday, she stopped at the Heminger House in Plymouth.

Heminger House is a domestic violence shelter that is open 24/7 to help abuse victims and children escape from dangerous situations.

“People that I meet all over the country have given me a lot of feedback about how much it means to them and it’s always nice to hear. It’s such a big project. Four years of my life devoted to doing this,” Cherry said.

She started her journey with Apollo on Jan. 1, 2017 and will continue until she visits 48 states.

Cherry will be the first woman to accomplish a journey such as this.

The two have currently traveled 6,300 miles.

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