Woman who lost her hands and feet to flesh eating disease speaking out

A 24-year-old who lost both her hands and feet to a flesh eating disease is speaking out for the first time.

Aimee Copeland turned tragedy into triumph.

She was zip-lining across a river in Georgia when the line snapped and she fell, cutting her leg on some rocks.

Bacteria invaded her wound almost costing her, her life.

She ultimately lost both hands, both feet and underwent 11 surgeries.

But she is surprisingly upbeat about her struggles in this next chapter of her life.

"They always say, 'you just gotta trust your leg.' You know? And a lotta people don't run because they're a afraid of falling. So it's just like, you gotta just get that first fall outta the way," Copeland said.

She said the most frustrating part is styling her hair but then laughed and said she's thinking about chopping it all off once she gets back home.

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