Woman who posted live FB video of Berrien Co. shooting tells more

Last night, we shared footage from a live Facebook feed taken just minutes after the shooting began inside the Berrien County Courthouse.

The woman who posted the video shared more Tuesday about the chaos she captured as it unfolded.

While frantic calls were being made from inside the Berrien County Courthouse Monday afternoon…

Gretta Volkenstein was filming the scene from the outside.

She was driving down Port Street about five minutes after the shots rang out in the courthouse. She said she stopped at a nearby corner to take live Facebook video feed to get any information out that she could.

“If somebody is there who is calm and outside of the situation, and can get some information from people to give me some sense of calm, I think that would help me, so I Just tried to think, what would I want to do if I was involved, if I was one of these people who I’m talking to,” said Gretta Volkenstein.

And it very easily could have been. Gretta spends a lot of time in the courthouse and has many friends who work there.

“It’s such a small close-knit community that people know each other around here,” she said.

She says unfortunately she was connected to one of the victims--through a friend. She’s glad she could help in any way that she could, but she still can’t believe this tragedy happened in her favorite, quiet little town.

“It does hit home when then the place that you go to where you feel like you will be safe and you will be outside of chaos in other places…it still can happen here,” said Gretta.

Gretta’s video was shared more than 50 times on Facebook and featured on multiple news sources, including ABC 57.

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