Women on Target teaches women how to safely use guns

Saturday morning kicked off the 20th annual Women on Target class for women.

The class is a partnership between the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #36 and the National Rifle Association. Their goal is to educate women of all ages (18 and above) about the proper way to use a handgun.

Sergeant Tom Cameron said that the class is very hands-on and designed to help ease the fear of the unknown. 

“By bringing ladies out and in an environment that’s comfortable to them, all ladies, we teach them how to work with a gun, how to understand and how it works, how it functions so if later in life if they wanna shoot they can shoot,” said Cameron.

The day kicked off with classroom orientation at 9 a.m. and target practice at noon.

Cameron added that there are many different reasons that bring women to the class. 

“There’s all kinds of people who come for different reasons. Some of them are self-defense, some of them are just because the fear of the unknown, they want to get over that hurdle and gain that knowledge,” he said.

This class is one of two classes that are held per year. The next class will be in the spring.

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