Women's Care Center asks council to override mayor's veto

NOW: Women’s Care Center asks council to override mayor’s veto

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- After Mayor Pete Buttigieg vetoed a zoning amendment that would have allowed the Women's Care Center open on Lincolnway next to a proposed women's clinic that would also provide abortions, the Women's Care Center says a lot of false information has been released to harm its reputation.

The group held a press conference Friday to set the record straight.

"Whether Women's Care Center is allowed to open a new office on Lincoln Way in South Bend is not why I am standing here today. I am standing here solely to ask that this false information stop," Jenny Hunsberger said.

Hunsburger is the Vice President of the Women's Care Center.

She says there have been no incidents of violence at any Women's Care Center locations and that photos that were shown of protests at Women's Care Centers were at locations where they didn't have centers.

Also on Friday, the Women's Care Center delivered a letter to the South Bend Common Council requesting they override the veto.

They state the mayor does not have the authority to veto a zoning amendment. They added they also plan to build a sidewalk from the WCC facility to the bus stop.

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