Women's day center employee celebrated for 25 years of community service

One local woman is being celebrated after 25 years of community service at St. Margaret’s.

Kathy Schneider is the Executive Director at St. Margaret’s House in South Bend. She has spent the last 25 years focusing on women and children living in poverty. But Friday, the focus was on her. One woman there says she found help years ago through Schneider.

“Kathy encouraged me to do a lot of things in my life. A lot of things in education. Kathy was number one in education, that's her number one goal for everyone,” said Michelle Person.

But Schneider says if it weren’t for the women who have come into her life at St. Margaret’s, she wouldn’t be who she is today.

“In the last 25 years it has been a place where I’ve found family and friends and sisters. These women are so strong and so beautiful… they’re and inspiration to me every single day. I come to St. Margaret’s house with such joy because I know on this day that I walk through the door, I’m gonna hear a story of success, I’m gonna hear about someone who’s life is better today than it was yesterday,” said Schneider.

The women at St. Margaret’s spent the afternoon sharing memories with Schneider and even got to meet mayor Buttigieg who stopped by to congratulate her.

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