Women's Health Week: In your 50s

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Turning 50 is a milestone. For women, there are a number of physiological changes happening, too. Doctors around Michiana got a little candid and talked about everything from Menopause to bone health. 

"When we get to the age of 50, we have to start checking for colonoscopy screening," says  Dr. Thomas Browne, a family practitioner for IU Health La Porte. 

A colonoscopy may not be the most pleasant topic to talk about but it's important because colon cancer is a devastating disease if not found early. 

Once women turn 50, their risk of developing the disease grow higher. "I encourage women to get the colonoscopy done because it's a very thorough test and if it comes back okay, it can be done every 10 years," says Dr. Browne. 

Dr. Enrique Infante, an OB/GYN, says staying active is important, as well. "The more we walk, the better," says Dr. Infante. 

Going for short walks every day lowers your risk for high blood pressure and increases bone health, 

"I think the most important thing as regards to having adequate bones in later life, is developing strong bones when you're younger," says Dr. Browne. 

So, ladies that means now! Dr. Browne suggests getting on a bike, going for walks, taking a Vitamin D supplemented, and do things to keep your mind sharp all to help you age gracefully. 

"Healthy diet, limited alcohol, no smoking, remaining intellectually and physically involved," says Dr. Browne. 

There is still a lot of ground to cover when you're entering your 50's. Here are some helpful links for your medical questions:

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