Women's shelter holds onto faith after fire

A church community is looking to rebuilding another house of hope.

A fire in LaPorte last week destroyed parts of the new Worthy Women’s Recovery Home less than a month before the grand opening.

The owner, Sonshine Troche, is now leaning on faith to help move the restoration of the home forward.

“To find out the building had started a fire, it wasn’t the greatest news,” said Troche.

Troche lost many things in the fire.

Hidden in these ashes left by unforgiving flames are years of hard work, hundreds of thousands of dollars in fundraising and a place for women facing tough challenges to call home.

“We were ready to open in January,” she said. “So close, you know? There were three women that were supposed to get ready to move in.”

But Troche still hasn’t lost her resiliency.

Less than a week after this tragedy, she’s counting her blessings inside her house of hope, LaPorte Assembly of God.

“Over the course of seven years it really has become a community effort,” said pastor Jeff Hines.

The church has started a collection for the home in the hopes their faith will be met with support.

“We’re not going to allow this to hold us back but we are seeking anyone that wants to help with the completion of the home just to give as generously as possible because this will become a reality,” said Hines.

That reality would mean a second chance for former addict Sherrie Morgan.

She was invited to live in the home after being released from jail where Troche taught.

“It was really a life learning class, it was really good,” said Morgan.

So now the process to rebuild starts and it’s just another challenge Troche will take on without fear.

“Always keep your faith and God will show up big,” said Troche.

In the meantime members of the church community have opened up their homes while the center is closed for repairs.

If you would like to help you contact Sonshine Troche at [email protected] or send a tax-deductible donation to the address below.

Worthy Recovery Inc

PO Box 116, La Porte In. 46352

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