Wonderland Cinemas in Niles prepares for a big opening weekend

NILES, Mich. -- "Avengers: Endgame" is hitting cinemas and a theater in Niles is preparing for the influx of superhero fans.

Wonderland Cinema will be overstaffed Thursday night to help address the crowds for the blockbuster film.

The movie is film number 22 in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and has drawn major buzz all across the world and right here at home.

Concession help, door people, ushers and ticket takers will all be on staff to assist for the big night. 

“We definitely ordered a lot more this week, just to prepare for the sold out weekend and the week ahead, we definitely got a lot on the truck this week, had to fill up every candy station this week, making a lot of popcorn tonight, definitely getting prepared today,” Manager at Wonderland Cinema, Cody Ortiz-Leonard said.

The movie boasts an impressive 3 hour run-time.

Wonderland encourages people to exercise patience and asks for a spoiler-free zone.

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