Indiana University South Bend buys Wooden Indian Motel

NOW: Indiana University South Bend buys Wooden Indian Motel


SOUTH BEND, Ind -- After being open for six decades, Indiana University South Bend now holds the keys to the Wooden Indian Motel.

The Wooden Indian Motel opened in 1952.

Since it’s opening, there has been a series of high profile crimes including the killing of Corporal Nick Polizzotto of the South Bend Police Department.

What was a 55 room hotel is being demolished. Nearby resident Sean Woodbrim says the motel closing is a good thing.

“I think it’s a positive thing, it was giving this part of town a bad rep I believe they should do something good with it if they actually plan it out this time – Not an apartment complex but something that would actually benefit the neighborhood," he said.

Indiana University South Bend purchased the property on February 23rd.

In a statement the university says they hope to improve the Lincolnway corridor with the purchase.

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