Worker shortages lead to long drive-thru lines

NOW: Worker shortages lead to long drive-thru lines


SOUTH BEND, Ind. --- Fast food chains are facing worker shortages like many other industries and it’s causing major backups at some of your favorite spots.

“It’s just like I can’t believe there’s no McFlurries there it’s McDonald’s I can’t believe that," says Lola Timmons, a South Bend resident.

McFlurries are Timmons' favorite at McDonalds but she says she hasn’t been able to get one for the last month.

Item shortages, long lines, and shorter operating hours are all things many folks are experiencing nationwide as worker shortages are now diving into the fast food industry.

“A lot of places are going to that one drive thru line and a lot of signs needing workers and minimum wage bumps," says Alex Phillips, a Niles resident.

Wait times are one of the biggest impacts on the industry known for having guests in and out within minutes. Simmons says it’s caused her not to visit Chic-Fil-A as frequently as she used to.

“Me and my cousin we would all go there and we would be stuck in line for maybe half an hour and we’re just sitting there and they have a baby too so it’s especially really hard," said Simmons.

While there’s no sure sign of when the industry will return back to normal one new feature that’s expected to stay post pandemic is mobile ordering.

“Chic-Fil-A I know does a lot of app stuff and McDonald’s does it too. I think they’re making things a little easier," said Phillips.

Many chains are currently looking for employees at this time and are offering sign on bonuses for those who are hired.

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