World Cup boosts local economy

SOUTH BEND, Ind.-- World Cup fans are giving local bars and restaurants a financial boost this summer.

On Sunday bars were packed with patrons who were watching the USA game.

The bar manager at O'Rourke's Public House said they seat three times as many customers on World Cup nights.

Kody Grantham said, “We definitely take a hit during the summertime so the World Cup is great because it’s a nice one month span where we can kind of rely on that business to come in so it’s definitely nice.”

Grantham said he called in more serving staff to accommodate the fans who came in to watch the USA vs. Portugal game.

Grantham said, “With the students being gone the summers are obviously a little slower but with the World Cup and all the different summer camps that Notre Dame has to offer it really helps to keep us above water."

Fans at Brother's Bar and Grill across the street said it's great to support the local economy and our country.

Eric Nowicki said, “Anytime you get people coming out to go out and watch games together it’s kind of like Chicago where people go out and watch the USA and react to it, and it does stimulate the economy I think.”

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