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WUBS 89.7 FM sends truck filled with donations to Texas

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- The crew over at WUBS 89.7 FM spent their Monday loading up a semi-truck with donations that are heading to victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Everything from bottled water to diapers to cleaning supplies and food was collected throughout the last 11 days.

The reverend behind the effort has done the same thing for past natural disasters.

“Everybody can do something,” said Reverend Sylvester Williams Jr., the founder and CEO of WUBS 89.7 FM. “No matter how small. No matter how large. We can make a difference.”

One man who dropped off a whole car load of donations on Monday said Harvey hit home for him.

“I actually had a lot of people reaching out to me being that I’m from Texas and a lot of people know that,” said Ken Reese, who moved to South Bend from Texas several years ago. “They had wanted to contribute and make a couple donations, and I took it upon myself to go ahead and collect them and bring them here cause I knew they were getting together and consolidating things to go and send down to Texas.”

The semi hits the road on Tuesday morning for a church in Humble, Texas that will be accepting and distributing the donations.

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