Yankee selling new line of candles with men in mind

A candle company is trying to prove that scented candles are not just for the ladies.

Yankee Candle has come out with some new fragrances designed with men in mind. There are four scents of man candles so far: Man Town, First Down, Two by Four and Riding Mower.

Yankee Candle's director of sales and operations said rolling out scents just for men wasn't really that farfetched, since men already make up about 30 percent of its customers.

“We knew there was a niche for it and a bit of research and a lot of history on what guys like for fragrances has released man candles for us,” said Director of Sales and Operations Jim Ovitt.

Yankee Candle released the man candles line just this week. The company said sales so far have been better than projected.

It expects them to go even higher as Father's Day approaches.

For more information about the "Man Candles," you can visit the Yankee Candle Company online.

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