Michigan school reacts to student shot and killed while visiting Chicago

NOW: Michigan school reacts to student shot and killed while visiting Chicago

COVERT, Mich. -- 

 A community is left in shock after 12-year-old She’Nyah O’Flynn from Covert was shot and killed in Chicago Thursday.

The tragic news came just days after summer break started for Covert Public Schools, where She’Nyah attended school.

“Oh I’m in complete shock,” said Clair Kliss, principal at Covert Public Schools.

The school has less than 400 students total. Staff says She’Nyah stood out among those students for her contagious smile.

“She was known for her energy and her charisma, she was a very outgoing person,” said Kliss.

She’Nyah was on the cheerleading team and played soccer. She was a good student, making mostly A’s and B’s. She was also someone other students looked up to.  

“Even though she was young she had kind of a mother’s wit about her sometimes,” said Kliss.

Just days after finishing her 7th grade school year, She’Nyah went to spend the summer with her stepfather in Chicago. That’s when tragedy struck.

 “That was like my daughter. I have her tattooed on my wrist,” said Courtney O’Flynn, She’Nyah’s aunt.

She’Nyah  was returning from a graduation party when she was shot in the neck and killed.

“I just can’t believe they took my niece like that,” said O’Flynn, “She was holding her baby cousin. She was holding a baby.

The shooting sent shock waves all the way back to Covert.

“It’s such a small community that it’s just like, wow, I can’t believe this just happened,” said Kliss.

Teachers and staff who knew She’Nyah will be at the school throughout the summer for summer programs. Kliss hopes the staff can be a support system for the mourning family.

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