Youth soccer program provides relief for kids and parents

NOW: Youth soccer program provides relief for kids and parents

ELKHART, Ind. -- As adults continue to mourn the postponement or cancellation of their favorite sports, Soccer Shots, a youth soccer training program is making sure kids don’t go through the same.

The stay-in-doors order prompted the organization to create virtual practice videos. The videos are roughly 25 minutes long and provide kids the same training they would normally get on the field.

Soccer Shots Coach Kyle Gisser has a message for the youngsters missing their time on the field.

“We understand that you were excited to go play soccer at Elkhart Sports Center on Monday night, we're not able to do that quite yet, but we're still going to do Soccer Shots with a cool coach in an orange shirt that you're so used to seeing,” Gisser said.

While the practices are for the benefit of the kids, Owner of Soccer Shots Northern Indiana and Fort Wayne Steve Dregits believes the videos can provide the parents with some needed relief.

“[We parents have] built a fort, we've played Nerf guns, we've built Lego set after Lego set, we've played tag, we've done walks and hopefully us providing that weekly soccer shots activity for them will be something they can use to keep the kids active and moving during this time,” Dregits said.

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