YouTube video: Teens torment bus monitor

GREECE, N.Y. -- There is a public outcry over a YouTube video that shows middle school students bullying their bus monitor.

68-year-old Karen Klein works for the Rochester, New York school district.

She recently became the target of verbal assault from four seventh graders, making comments so cruel and unforgiving, they are hard to believe.

The teens proudly posted them online.

Police and the school are investigating, but Klein said she doesn't want to press charges.

"I'm not a real vindictive person.  I get upset, yeah.  I want them to know.  They did wrong," said Klein.

The school district vows these students will be disciplined to the fullest extent.

Total strangers are even showing Klein their support by collecting money for her online. So far, they have raised over $293,000 to send her on a vacation. Check it out.

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