Yuengling coming to Indiana

Yuengling, America’s Oldest Brewer,  has been around for 188 years, but not a single one of their beers has ever been sold in the Hoosier state.

That’s about to change.

The Hoosier State is welcoming its newest drink to town and if you like a good lager, Yuengling might be for you.

Hundreds of beer retailers from all over Indiana transformed the Morris Center into a Yuengling tasting festival.

Michiana bars like Main Street Pub in South Bend say the new domestic product has customers buzzing

And Yuengling’s Vice President of Sales is as excited as they are.

“Indiana is our 20th state that we’ve introduced our beers into for us still being family owned and operated this was a real labor of love to bring our beers to Indiana mainly because of the partners we’ve worked with to distribute our beers,” said Pikunas.

Yuengling will only be available at bars and restaurants starting in March.

But by April, you can buy Yuenglings at grocery and liquor stores

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