Zoo animal doesn't like the heat

MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- Summer just started a week ago, and already temperatures have hit the triple digits. But animals at the Potawatomi Zoo require some extra special care during the scorching heat. And one animal requires more care then the rest.

Meet the zoo's Sechuan Takin family of four. They came all the way from the mountains of China, and are not used to Indiana's hot summer weather.

"The dad is Kong, the mom is Kiju, then there's the baby that was born last summer, and Jet Lee who was born this season," said Special Events Coordinator Rachel Rogers.

The animals might look like Bison, but they're actually more similar to goats. And just like goats, they like to be outside. But sometimes, it gets too hot.

"They are very heat sensitive. They do have a pool and a lot of shade. They need constant fresh water. There's fans in the barn in the back that they can lay under" said Rachel.

And zookeepers need to constantly monitor these animals when there is extreme heat. They even have a mister to cool them off. That's because keeping these animals cool is crucial for their health and if they get too hot, they stop eating.

The hotter it gets the less likely they will eat, so keepers monitor their diets so they can make sure they're getting the nutrition that they need," said Rachel.

There are two females and two males in the takin family. They are animals that zoo's typically don't always have, but at this zoo they remain a favorite by many enthusiastic visitors.

If you are walking through the main entrance of the zoo, the takin can be found near the tiger exhibit on the right side of the facility. It is definitely a unique looking creature that the whole family will love to see.





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