2015 Men's World Fastball Finals

South Bend is hosting the 2015 Men's World Fastball Finals until August 16th at the Belleville Softball Complex.

The Opening Ceremonies were held Sunday. 

Jack Fireman, the owner of the Toronto Gators, said, "A sport for the people that find baseball boring because it's a much quicker game and it’s seven innings as opposed to nine innings but the rules are very similar. The only difference is the field is a little bit smaller by a third and the pitchers pitch windmill as opposed to overhand.”

And for many, this is a family tradition. 

One former player from Ontario, Ed Winkworth, came down to watch his sons play in this week’s tournament.

"Hardball takes three to four hours a night but softball it can be all over in about an hour and a half if everything goes well," Winkworth said.

Visit South Bend says the event will bring in over $1.2 million to the area's economy. 

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