After double drowning, a deeper look into dangers of high waters

NOW: After double drowning, a deeper look into dangers of high waters


ARGOS, Ind. -- The death of two Amish brothers in Argos Sunday afternoon, is sending shivers across a tightly-knit community. 

After ABC57 News reported on the double drowning, the decision was made to dig deeper into these dangerous, flooded waters. 

"That bench over there? That's how I go about knowing how much is there. The bench, when it's up couldn't see anything but the back of the bench," says Bob Gibson. 

Just by glancing at the river, Gibson can tell just how flooded his campgrounds are.

"About eleven feet," he says. 

The Tippecanoe River Run Park in Rochester sits next to the river and frequently has spillovers.

"We have a creek on the other end there. It goes north," explains Gibson. "It's probably about two feet out of its bank."

But it's not the only place.

About 30 miles north, feeding into the Tippecanoe, is Redinger Ditch.

The ditch is the site where two Amish brothers drowned while playing in the higher than normal water. 

Neighbors tell ABC57 News, the ditch is a popular place for kids in the community to swim.

But, like the creeks around it, it soaked up a lot of the recent heavy rains.

Along the Tippecanoe, Gibson is warning anyone who comes to set up camp, to pay attention.

"We ask them not to let their children go in and play. They do anyway," he explains. "You go out there, and in the deepest part, the current is real swift. It could take a human down the river, just like that."

ABC57 News was told the entire Argos community is taking the death of the Martin brothers pretty hard.

Officials are reminding everyone to use precaution and stay safe. 

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