25 acre, $81 million dollar plan to revamp State Road 933

NOW: 25 acre, $81 million dollar plan to revamp State Road 933

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --New plans are being released for a huge proposed development near the University of Notre Dame campus. 

The development would include apartments, retail, and office space, and would be the first thing people see when getting off of the toll road Exit 77.

"This is the gateway into our community. Most travelers come off the toll road at that exit, and we want to put our best foot forward," says Paul Phair. "Let them know they're coming to a special place."

It's the welcome mat to Notre Dame and the South Bend community.

If all goes as planned, in October 2018, State Road 933 and Douglas Road will look a little different.

"We think it's a real game changer for the area," says Phair. 

Phair is the Vice President of Development for Holladay Properties, who is in charge of the development plan.

It's a two part project, he explains.

One part will drastically change what is available on the outskirts of town.

"We're looking at 52 town homes, approximately 250 apartment units, 50,000 square feet of retail and commercial retail space, and roughly 90,000 square feet of office space," says Phair. 

Although this project is aimed at graduate students, members of the community, and faculty and staff, Phair says undergraduate students will not be living in the new apartments. 

The 25-acre project will cost an estimated $65-75 million.

That is in addition to a $16 million project to make SR 933, in between Douglas Road and Angela Boulevard, pedestrian friendly.

"As many people in the community know, it's a road where people go much faster than the speed limit on a regular basis," explains Phair. "There's a lot of traffic that needs to be maintained and move efficiently through the area, but also to make it much more friendly and comfortable for pedestrians."

He says the road portion of the project will include a median and move the walkways off of the curb line.

"There's just too much interaction between pedestrians and cars," adds Phair.

These plans come after extensive market research and planning.

But, the plans may change as it gets closer to breaking ground.

Phair says this is just the start of a new and improved South Bend Community.

"We think the real home run is if this project can be a catalyst for the reconstruction and redevelopment of 933 going north," he says. "Kind of set the tone for the type of quality that we're looking for in our area."

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