26 years ago today, Indiana's coldest temperature ever recorded happened

Today marks the anniversary of the coldest temperature ever recorded in the state of Indiana. Back on January 19th of 1994, the mercury plummeted to an incredible -36° in New Whiteland.

New Whiteland is located just south of Indianapolis along U.S. 31. The entire state of Indiana fell below zero that morning courtesy of an area of arctic high pressure and deep snowpack.

The coldest temperatures were seen along I-70 from Terre Haute to Richmond and I-65 from Indianapolis to Jeffersonville. Those corridors saw temperatures between -20° and -30°!

Indianapolis dropped to a remarkably cold -27°, which is still the coldest temperature ever recorded in the state's capital city.

That kind of cold is virtually unheard of in Indiana.

For perspective, the coldest temperature ever recorded in South Bend is -22°. For Fort Wayne, it's -24°. You can read the write-up from the National Weather Service in Indianapolis here.

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