3 Near drownings at Washington Park Beach

MICHIGAN CITY, Ind. --  After two juveniles went missing and a 20-year-old man almost drown today at the Washington Park Beach on Lake Michigan, the Michigan City Police are warning parents to keep their kids out of the water with this strong rip current.

Police involved in the rescue today say with water this rough and this crazy rip current, parents should not be letting their kids in at all and some beach goers were pretty fed up too.

“Look at these waves..I mean really would you let your kids out there..I mean no”, said beach goer.
Beach goers say the 3 search and rescue missions should have never happened.

"Parents are letting their kids way out there. They shouldn't be there is a rip current," said beach goer.

Around noon, a 20-year-old man was pulled out of lake Michigan and rushed to St. Anthony's Hospital.

An hour later, a 13-year-old boy was missing.

"I heard there was some kid named Alex in a blue bathing suit, about 12, so I got in the line," said Brendon Murray.

Police, lifeguards, and even beach goers built a human chain to help find the 13-year-old.

One of those people helping was Becky Murray's son Brenden.

"I was actually out on the end of the line just kind of helping out," said Brenden Murray.

She thought he was missing and notified police.

Beach goers say all this confusion could have been avoided if people just listened to police and kept their kids out of the water.

"People have been told several times to get out of the water. Nobody is stopping," said one beach-goer.


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