30 professional investigators visit Michiana for mock crime investigation

NOW: 30 professional investigators visit Michiana for mock crime investigation


If you notice a lot of law enforcement vehicles in downtown South Bend, don’t be alarmed. 30 professional investigators from nine different states will be working together to solve a mock crime. It’s all part of training being hosted by a local private investigation company.

Starting Tuesday, those investigators will collectively work together to solve a mock crime at the DoubleTree Hotel in downtown South Bend, IN. The Indiana Society of Professional Investigators (INspi) is hosting the Criminal Defense Investigation Training Council lead by Brandon Perron. The mock investigation will teach the attendees how to properly analyze and solve a criminal case.

This training program is typically hosted twice a year, usually on the East and West Coast, and for the first time ever, INspi President, Brandy Lord and Vice President, George Gergis, both of Granger, IN are bringing this unique program to the Midwest.

“Basically everything that they learn in those first two days, it’s going to be their opportunity then to apply it to actually solve this case so they’re going to go through the case management and through the component method, then attempt to solve this case. So we’ll have different witnesses that they can interview, an actual victim and defendant along with other people that they’ll have available for them to interview and kind of work through the crime scene,” said Brandy Lord, President of Indiana Society of Professional Investigators in Granger.

Vice President of INspi, George Gergis, says it is their job to be impartial and objective to the facts, advocating the truth to help defend the 6th amendment that guarantees everyone the right to a fair trial. This course was created to teach investigators how to do this in their daily case load.

“When you’re doing a police investigation or a law enforcement investigation, you could actually close the case at a level of probably cause with an arrest. But we deal with the investigation at the level after the arrest. So the methodology is taught is all based on gathering the truth to that level,” said Gergis.

If you are a professional investigator or are working in a public defender’s office and are interested in this course, there is still room. To learn more and sign up, visit the INspi website at www.indianainvestigators.com, email at mg@integrityinvestigationsinc.com, or call at 574-288-5911.

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