$330k in bonuses proposed for city workers during pandemic

NOW: $330k in bonuses proposed for city workers during pandemic


GOSHEN, Ind. --- The Goshen City Council on Tuesday voted in favor of bonuses up to $330,000 for local city staff. The one time bonus was proposed by Goshen Mayor Jeremy Stutsman as he wishes to recognize the extra work and precautions city staff have had to endure during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

"You know our first responders are out there interacting with people in whatever situations they may find themselves in. Risky situations that could be, even risker than they normally are exposed to," said Goshen Treasurer Adam Scharf. 

The difficult hours and added workload for city workers have been a big ask, and the mayors' office believes it is time for all their sacrifices to be awarded. The $330,000 will be divided amongst city workers, excluding any elected officials. They would include the fire department, police department, street, and utility employees amongst others. 

The one-time bonus would provide $1,000 to all full-time employees and $750 to permanent part-time workers. 

On Tuesday, the council voted 4-1 in favor of the proposal with members like Julia King expressing her thoughts on why she voted for the bonuses. 

"I support it because I trust the mayors' judgment on this. I trust him to be fiscally responsible, and he knows better than anyone how hard his staff has been working," said King. 

The vote followed the adoption of the 2021 $50,900,000 yearly budget. Reimbursement of the funds could come from the CARES Act. Now that the vote has been collected the proposal will go to a second reading for final approval. 

If the final approval goes through the funds will be processed for disbursement with Goshen Treasurer Adam Scharf hoping they will be received in December. 

"The proposal will go to a second reading in two weeks and be voted on again by the city council. If the council approves it we will make that payout to city employees in December," said Scharf.

Elected officials are excluded from the bonuses as the full amount of funds are focused on city works and first responders. 

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