16 votes still separate Redman and Corbett so far in recount

NOW: 16 votes still separate Redman and Corbett so far in recount

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Another round of recounting in the books for the St. Joseph County recount commission, in their quest to determine the winning Democrat of the County Sheriff primary election.

On Monday, the commission finished 38 randomly selected precincts, going through machine ballots by hand. 

Even after tallying the estimated 4,000 votes, nothing really has changed.

"It's very tedious. We have to sort all of the ballots, we have to them separate them by Republican, Redman, Corbett, and Thompson ballots," explains Pat Schafer with the Recount Commission.

It's tedious, time consuming, and it still may not be the end.

After a week of recounting both the absentee ballots and voting machines from 38 different precincts, nothing has really changed. 

"[It] probably gave them an idea of where they're going to go from here, because the count stays the same. The difference is the same," adds Schafer. 

The difference separating Bill Redman and Tim Corbett is 16 votes.

That's the same difference noted in May's primary election.

Schafer says it's not so surprising. 

"I've not done recounts before but I've been involved in elections and they usually don't change a whole lot," she says. 

And it still may not be over just yet. 

The commission is meeting with Redman and Corbetts' lawyers to decide whether or not to proceed with counting the votes from the machines from the rest of the precincts.

They've only completed recounting about 4,000 of the estimated 20,000 votes in the county. 

If Corbett's team decides to proceed, the commission has to go to a judge and request more assistance with recounting the ballots. 

It'll cost the campaign $100 a day, per employee working with the recount commission. 

The recount has to be completed by June 29th. 

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