57 Minute Miracle: Bremen mom

This week's 57 Minute Miracle started out just outside the post office in Plymouth.

That's where ABC57's Emily Evans met Kenny.

Evans: Sir, can I ask you a question? I have $570 in this envelope. And we're looking to make a miracle happen in 57 minutes. Do you think you could help us find someone who is in need of this money today?

Kenny: Surely. I'll have to think real quick. You mean name somebody specifically right now off of the top of my head?

Emily: Maybe the first person that comes to mind that could really use it right now.

Kenny: I know of a girl that's working down at the local gas station that's working two jobs and working like crazy that can't hardly survive even though she's working really, really hard. She's the first person that comes to mind.

Emily:OK do you think you could take us to  her in 57 minutes? Can we track her down?

Kenny: She's at her one job in Bremen.

So Emily and Kenny set off to find the recipient.

We wanted to know a little more about Traci and her story.

"She works locally. She's divorced and has two kids. She works hard like most people do. She works really hard at two jobs, actually she works three jobs, so she can make sure she gets her rent paid, pay her bills and take care of her kids and I know she was stressing about Christmas coming up. When you asked me about somebody that really could use some extra help right now, the first person that came to mind that I know is really working hard right now and could just use a little extra help to get through Christmas," Kenny said.

We had Kenny call Traci.

"She'll freak out because I don't call her.  She'll be like why's he calling me?" Kenny said.

Kenny got her voice mail, so he and Emily headed to Bremen.

Less than half an hour later, they arrived to RBC Precision Products.

Kenny called her and asked her to meet him outside.

"She's going, 'Why is he calling me and showing up at my work?' So I'm sure she's concerned, wondering why's he calling me in the middle of my work day," said Kenny.

Traci came outside a few minutes later.

Emily: Are you Traci? Hi Traci! Nice to meet you my name is Emily Evans with ABC 57. So we're here today because we asked Kenny to help us make a miracle happen in 57 minutes. And right now we're about 27 minutes in. And Traci we asked him, we said we had $570 in cash and we said do you know of anyone that comes to mind that could really use this money this time of year? And you were the first person that came to mind.

Traci: Are you kidding me? Um, I don't know what to say.

Emily: We kind of ambushed you here on the spot at work today, but this is $570 in cash and we hope that this can make a miracle for you today.

Traci: It certainly can, I mean it can help so much with Christmas coming up and everything. Thank you.

Kenny: They said the first person that comes to mind I told them you work three jobs and are paying your bills and are trying to get ready for Christmas so you're the first person that came to mind.

Emily: Traci, can you tell me about what you can use this money for?

Traci: Yeah, certainly. I have two kids and my youngest daughter wants a bike so I can certainly get her a bike now, and that relieves a lot of stress for the holidays coming up.

Emily: Kenny, when I bombarded you on the street earlier, can you tell me why Traci first came to mind?

Kenny: Just because I know how hard she works. Everybody is hurting in this world right now. But you said the first person that comes to my mind and I know how hard she works. She's working just these three days, all day here and then to go to work another job tomorrow night. Three days in a row straight. I mean she's working 16 hours a day three days in a row and I know how hard she's struggling and I know how much she was worried about. She can pay her bills, but she's like what am I going to do for Christmas? I don't have any money to get my kids anything. If I pay my bills then I can't go Christmas shopping. So when you asked me who could use it, the first person that came to mind, she was exactly who I thought of.

Traci: It can help tremendously. I can get her bike. I was thinking about putting it on layaway and just wondering if I would be able to pay it off but now I can just get it and have it. It will just help tremendously.

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