58-year-old New Carlisle restaurant closes

NOW: 58-year-old New Carlisle restaurant closes

NEW CARLISLE, Ind. --- Miller’s Home Café in New Carlisle closed its doors on Friday.

The owner, George Miller, said the delay of the US 20 construction contributed to the restaurant’s closure.

“It really hurt us,” said Miller. “When that happened, we just couldn’t recover.”

The restaurant has been running since 1959, becoming,  what one local business owner calls, a staple in the community.

“People when they think of New Carlisle that’s one of the first things they think of that’s Miller’s Home Café,” said Bill Sutton, local business owner in New Carlisle.

Laura Schreiber and her family said the restaurant’s famous chicken and noodles is their favorite dish. Schreiber said she began coming to the restaurant with her family and later worked there in high school.

“We’re sad that they’re leaving, in a small town like this where everybody relies on each other to keep businesses going to lose a place that’s been around for so long is sad,” she said.

Miller said business slowed when construction was going and said he had to make a decision that was not easy. Other businesses in the area said the construction brought customer traffic down more than 50 percent.

Schreiber said she wishes more people would have supported the restaurant years earlier but everything must come to an end.

“I want to thank all the customers for all their support over the years, it’s very much appreciated and I’ll miss you all,” Miller said.

The property is currently for sale but, so far, it has not been purchased. Miller said he will go into retirement.

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