90 new apartments could soon overlook South Bend from its tallest building as soon as next year

NOW: 90 new apartments could soon overlook South Bend from its tallest building as soon as next year


New Apartments could soon overlook South Bend from its tallest building as soon as next year.

The Liberty Tower is the Tallest Building in South Bend and has been towering over the city since the 1970s.

With great views of the area, included Notre Dame and The St. Joseph River.

Over the years it has seen a number of challenges, especially since Chase Bank left the building in 2015.

Now, things are finally looking up for the property that is being coined some of the best Real Estate in South Bend.

40 million dollars have already been put into the rehabilitation of the 25-story tower, and an additional 14.7 million are likely on the way.

From the 25th floor you have a perfect view of the St. Joseph River and Notre Dame.

"the building is really the centerpiece of our downtown area….., " said South Bend's Director of Growth and Opportunity, Erik Glavich.

Glavich spoke about the final phase of the rehabilitation, 90 apartments that will take over the top 9 floors above the Aloft Hotel that currently reside on the lower levels.

"weve seen some challenges along the way…but theres been many successes… the aloft hotel is a premeire hotel in down… and the fact the owner wants to complete the project with another 14.7 million dollars to complete the apartment side of the buildng is huge," Glavich added.

The Aloft Hotel opened its doors back in 2017, as apart of the first phases, and amidst the pandemic and other challenges it has been a ride to get to this final phase.

With the help of the building's owners from New York.

"we're really excited when investors out of the area decide to put money into south bend…"

And an eight year city property tax abatement, The Common Council voted to move forward at their meeting earlier this week.

The General Manger of the Hotel, AJ Sime spoke at the meeting along with Glavich on the benefits the investment will bring to the Downtown area.

"which will enable the developer to complete the project…and make an investment in the community that will make sense for the developer that will also be a great asset to the community that will add to downtown living and urban density that we need," said Sime

The Project will officially be voted on April 10th and if approved will bring more than just the 90 units, but something for everyone. A rooftop patio space will be open to the public.

The entire project a huge step for the city,

"The final phase of liberty tower really shows people are interested in living downtown their interested in living downtown.. spending time downtown, there's been tremendous momentum in South Bend.. especially down town.. and were really excited for what this means moving forward…" " according to Glavich.

Glavich believes the opportunity could help alleviate an increased need for housing downtown.

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