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911 call released from Ohio AMBER Alert; Suspect waives extradition


The man who allegedly killed the mother of his child, abducted his child and the child's step-grandmother was in court Wednesday morning.

James Ramey, 27, is facing one count of aggravated murder for allegedly shooting Amanda Mangas in her home in Delta, Ohio.

Ramey then allegedly abducted his 10-month-old child and Deborah Mangas, Amanda's stepmother Tuesday morning.

An Amber Alert was issued and Ramey was located in Rochester, Indiana.

In court Ramey waived his right to fight extradition and is now on his way back to Fulton County, Ohio.

Also on Wednesday, 13ABC in Toledo obtained the 911 call Ramey allegedly made Deborah make Tuesday morning.

Dispatcher: Fulton County 911 what is your emergency?
Caller: I need an ambulance at 901 Fernwood. There's been a shooting.
Dispatcher: A what?
Caller: She's been shot in the heart.
Dispatcher: Who has?
Caller: Somebody, somebody that lives at that residence…
Dispatcher: Ok what's the address?
Caller: …was shot. 901 Fernwood Street
Dispatcher: Fernwood?
Caller: Fernwood in Delta
Dispatcher: Ok and how do you know that she's been shot?
Caller: Because I heard it.
Dispatcher: you heard the gunshot?
Caller: Yes.
Dispatcher: Ok, but it's not confirmed?
Caller: I can't say anything else ma'am.
Dispatcher: I need more information from you ma'am
Caller: 901 Fernwood Street, it's the middle bedroom. Bye.
Dispatcher: Middle bedroom?

Call disconnects

Ramey is expected to face additional charges, including kidnapping, according to 13ABC.

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