911 calls from Tuesday's stable fire

Twenty animals were killed when the Smithfield Stables caught fire Tuesday afternoon. ABC57 obtained the 911 calls placed after the fire started.

Call # 4:
Operator: “911---where is your emergency?”
Caller: “Uh, I don't know, It's Elkhart road, it's that big rich(?) farm there---
there's a barn on fire and there's 2 huge gas tanks back there---
yeah---you guys be careful!”
Operator: “We've got dispatch on the way sir.”
Caller: “Alright, good enough, I'll let these guys know.”

Call # 5:
Operator: “Cass Co. 911---what's the location of your emergency?”
Shelly Burdette (Smithfield Manager): “I have----um---70827 Elkhart Rd.”
Operator: “yes ma'am”
Burdette: “The barn is on fire.”
Operator: “Is it your barn ma'am?”
Burdette: “No.”
Operator: “Ok, do you live there?
Burdette: “Yes, I live here.”
Operator: Ok, your name please?”
Burdette: “Shelly Burdette.”
Operator: “Ok, Shelly---“
Burdette: “There's horses back there---“
Operator: “Did we get all the horses and people out of the barn?”
Burdette: “They're trying now---  Can you come help me get the horses out? Can you help me get the horses?
Operator: “Just to confirm this is the horse farm way off the road---right?”
Burdette: “Yes, yes”
Operator: “Ok a lot of people have called, we do have the fire department on the way, ok?”

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