A Block Party to clean up a South Bend neighborhood

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- “I think we can do better than what we are doing, and we need to step it up a little bit,” says Amanda Carothers, Event Organizer.

Carothers has big plans for the Farwest Neighborhood Association in South Bend.

“We want to clean up the neighborhood, we want to make the neighborhood safe for especially the seniors, we want to have something for the youth to do in the neighborhood, and there is so much trash in the neighborhood,” says Carothers.

By throwing a block party Saturday, she hopes to recruit more people to the neighborhood association, so they can help curb the violence and make the neighborhood cleaner.

“We want people that are willing to work with the youth, people that are willing to work with the seniors older people, we need people that are willing to work,” says Carothers.

Leroy Cobb has lived in this neighborhood for the past sixty years.

“I saw ninety percent of these homes built out of the far north west side association, this park where I am standing right now that was nothing but a field so I would like to see the homes to be better taken care of,” says Cobb.

The block party was filled with kids, residents, and even South Bend Police. Cobb says he hope's Saturday's event brings the community closer together.

“We are having a block party to have all the neighbors participate in the activities we are planning on having here and also to bring them here so we can gain a larger membership, we need all the neighbors to participate,” says Cobb.

If you want to be a part of the cleanup, you can contact Amanda Carothers at (574) 276 - 6162.

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