A cold weekend finish leads to a windy weekday start

NOW: A cold weekend finish leads to a windy weekday start

ABC57 First Warning Neighborhood Weather Forecast

Sunday, December 18th , 2022

The last of the lake effect flurries have dissipated, leaving Michiana with mostly cloudy skies and freezing temperatures. Although recorded temperatures have been in the mid-teens and low 20s for today, it feels closer to single digits in most places when combined with wind speeds throughout the region. Starting tonight, a short stretch of cloudy and cool conditions will last through Wednesday afternoon, with Monday and Tuesday expecting highs in the low 30s. Some roads and walking paths will remain partially frozen due to temperatures staying below the freezing line. After Wednesday afternoon, widespread cloud cover will eventually turn into a sleet/snow mix overnight into Thursday. Snow will become dominant early Thursday morning, although the total amount of snowfall is still somewhat uncertain.

Tonight: Partly cloudy. Low 20.

Monday: Mostly cloudy. High 30.

Tuesday: Mostly cloudy. High 35.

Wednesday: Cloudy AM, sleet/snow beginning in PM. High 31.

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