A donation at an Elkhart food pantry happens just in time

Miller Poultry donated a total of 16,000 pounds of chicken to three organizations on Tuesday.

One of the organizations was Church Community Services and leaders there say the donation came at the perfect time.

“Protein is a high [demand] item and has become so expensive in stores,” says Alexander Williams with Church Community Services.

The almost empty meat cooler at Church Community Services is proof of just how much those who shop at the pantry demand protein.

“This community pantry allows them to put approximately 30 and 70 bucks back into their pockets,” says Williams. 

On Tuesday morning a donation of 7,200 pounds of chicken came in the nick of time.

“We do donations throughout the year but ya know around this time of the year is sort of our big push for donations,” says Sean Smith, Director of Special Projects with Miller Poultry.

Smith says the company donated a total of 16,000 pounds of chicken to three organizations.

“It could reach 4,000 to 4,500 people this donation right here,” says Williams. 

Williams says the donation could last three months but it’s not a cure to a problem they face more often than not.

“It’s important that donations continue to come in food drives continue to happen because the need doesn’t go anywhere. Folks really rely on us they are in a chronic need in Elkhart County,” says Williams.

Williams adds that CCS sees close to 2,000 families a month. 

If you would like to help make sure the shelves do not become empty you can contact Alexander Williams at 574.295.3673 ext. 116.

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