A hunting we will go

Leaves are falling and so are the temperatures.  Soon, it will feel like autumn once again in Michiana.  Years ago, this month signaled to the Native Americans that with deer all fattened up and the harvested fields offering a wide range of sight...it was time to hunt!

Tonight (the 12th) is the Full Moon for the month of October.  It is most widely known as the Full Hunter's Moon.  It is easy to spot prey coming to sample the leftovers from the harvest, since most of the crops have been thinned out.  And, as winter approaches the animals are stocking up on food, packing on some extra pounds, it makes the hunting all the better!

It is also known as the Blood Moon.  How fitting for the month with Halloween!  [This also refers to the hunting season]

Some other nicknames of interest include The Full Travel Moon, The Full Dying Grass Moon, Kindly Moon, Blackberry Moon, and The Moon When Quilling and Beading are Done.

Hope you have a chance to enjoy!  Here in Michiana, expect partly cloudy skies to view the moon overnight along with temperatures slowly falling into the 50s!

As always, a huge thank you to the Farmer's Almanac for providing me with such great info!

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