A Rosie Place: helping families during the pandemic

A Rosie Place: helping families during the pandemic

SOUTH BEND, Ind.-- One local organization is stepping up to make sure that the families they care for are receiving the support and supplies they need while we all adjust to this "new norm".

A Rosie Place is a local organization in South Bend off of Quince Road.

They focus on helping to give families a break from the 24/7 care of their medically fragile children and opening up those kids to new experiences with new friends in a safe environment.

However, the business had to adjust after shutting down at the end of February due to social distancing concerns and the coronavirus.

"Were obviously more cautious but we’re always cautious" says mother Michelle Walden, "We conserve supplies but we always conserve supplies. We already live in isolation that’s not a big thing for us" she says reflecting on how her life changed 3-years-ago when her and her husband welcomed Elias into the world.

Elias was born premature which affected his lung development however he has continued to grow stronger everyday with the help of dedicated medical professionals, the love and care of his family, and with support, from his home nurse Tracy and the rest of the A Rosie Place staff.

"Our families live with this everyday we had to take it more seriously because we needed to limit that risk more for those families and for staff here that would be treating them.”says administrator of A Rosie Place for Children, Michaeleen Conlee who has worked with the organization for 3 years and has come to understand the struggles many families face to keep their children healthy.

Yet the staff did not want to leave the kids they count as family out in the cold--because the possibility of not having the things you need to keep your children safe and healthy can be a huge stress on guardians.

"There are so many families that are scared because of the lack of supplies and maybe they're not getting the deliveries they need right now." says Conlee, "The medical providers that usually bring them their supplies maybe having a delay in them. Or they’re not getting the quantity of it. Maybe they are out of the supply totally for these families or they are just getting a little short.”

So for the past month the staff have been adapting and learning how to best serve their families and the community as a whole while doing everything they can to protect the kids who have compromised immune systems.

One way they are giving back is by providing supplies ranging from baby wipes and diapers to equipment for ventilators and bath chairs for the families.

And while Indiana and Michigan are still facing stay at home orders, they are providing drop off or pick up service to best serve the families where ever they might be at.

Not only is A Rosie Place providing for families already acquainted with the organization, but they are providing equipment like gowns and wipes to local hospitals and nursing homes who are also facing shortages.

They are also doing their part to share kindness through simple acts such as bringing muffins and flowers to a mother who was feeling overwhelmed with the struggles of isolation due to COVID-19.

If you are looking to learn more information about A Rosie Place you can visit their website at https://arosieplace.org/

Or you can call them at (574) 235-8899.

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