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ABC News Political Director elaborates on GOP tax plan

NOW: ABC News Political Director elaborates on GOP tax plan

WASHINGTON – ABC News Political Director Rick Klein elaborated on the passing of the GOP Tax Plan and what Senator Joe Donnelly’s vote could mean for him as he approaches his shot at re-election.

“A historic day for republicans; passing this tax cut, President Trump gets to deliver on a key campaign promise but there’s a whole lot of policy and politics to get figured out because this bill is so vast, so large and such a big gamble by republicans. They’ll be able to sell this as a ‘positive’ to the American people,” said Klien.

“It’s a bit of a surprise that Joe Donnelly and other red-state senators did not even seem tempted to vote for this bill. The idea of a massive tax cut not tempting democrats – it surprised me. I think it’s going to be used as a weapon against Senator Donnelly over the next 11 months.”

Klein went to say people might think Donnelly missed his opportunity.

“I think though, this speaks to some of the unity in the Democratic Party. They feel like this bill is loaded for upper income earners, that most Americans won’t feel like this is a good deal for them and it actually works into an economic argument that democrats are set to make over the next year,” he said.

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