ABC57 Road Trip: Chicago Bulls

ABC57 Road Trip: Chicago Bulls

CHICAGO, IL -- “We always go with this mantra that the fans want an experience from the moment they walk in the door and until the moment they go to their car,” says Todd Abbott, Senior Manager of Entertainment and Events for the Chicago Bulls.  

The home of Michael Jordan, and 6-time championships, this is the Chicago Bulls! The action is far from over for the NBA team, as the starting five gear up for the playoffs. But, these playoffs cannot be possible without the fans.

“Every possession, every game it feels like you have to win, win the ball, win the possession, win the tip, we are looking to match that in the entertainment we are looking to bring it up an extra levels to the performances the costumes, everything will be up another level, and we hope the fans enjoy it,” says Abbott.  

The game has been…elevated! So, what is in store for the ultimate fan experience at the United Center? To find out, we first went to what the Bulls call ‘the fun department.’ Todd and his team begin rehearsals right away to prep for the big game at stake.

“It’s been a little while since the Bulls have been in the playoffs, any Bulls fan knows what see red is means, it is probably something they live by year-round,” says Abbott. “But for us see red really goes on into effect in the playoffs.”

And it does not take long to see red! After rehearsals wrap up, it is show time. Fans at the game can enjoy everything from the delicious food on the concourse, beverages, DJs, Bulls trivia and of course plenty of merchandise.

 But even the kiddos have something to enjoy, too! After stopping by for a picture at the Michael Jordan statue, families can head up to ‘Bulls Kids Nation.’ There, families can engage in interactive games, photo opportunities, a private DJ, and of course, a ‘first Bulls game certificate.’

Whether a lifelong Bulls fan, or looking for something to do, the energy of the United Center is unmatched! To think, there is all of this fun, and the game has not even started yet. But, it is to enhance the experience for people like you!

“The Bull fans are some of the best fans in all of the sports, and I say that as a Bulls fans,” says Abbott. “We are lucky to have them, and I am so happy they are enjoying this season and specifically this team because they are special.”

Game one between the Bulls and the Bucks is Sunday in Milwaukee. The series moves to the United Center for games three and four starting next Friday, April 22. Learn further information about how to attend here.

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