ABC57 Road Trip: Chicago Cubs game

CHICAGO, IL -- For this week’s ABC57 Road Trip, our team headed to a Chicago Cubs game! Operating at 25% capacity, Wrigley is welcoming just over 10,000 fans. Seats are distanced from one another forming “pods” across the seating bowl. Additionally, everything is mobile from your entry ticket, to ordering concessions, even a contactless security system.

“Everyone has been looking for what is my return to normal, what does that look like? And for a whole lot of people that return to normal is Wrigley field,” says Cale Vennum, Vice President of Ticketing.  

The process of attending the game is quick and convenient.    

“Look at the end of the day, I want to be in my seat enjoying the game, I do not want to be standing in line for concessions or anything like that,” says Vennum.  

For those wanting an added sense of safety and comfort, suites are a great option! Now requiring only 8 guests, fans can enjoy an all-inclusive experience. Additionally, fans can have another all-inclusive experience at the Wrigley Rooftops. Overlooking Wrigley Field, you cannot beat the view!

From the stadium, to the suites, now…to the streets?! Some fans even finding the best seat in the house is outside the ballpark. Mark is one of many fans gathering off of Waveland Avenue hoping to catch a ball during batting practice that makes its way over the gate. He has been a part of this tradition for 20 years.

Of course, the action itself is only part of the experience. Next, we headed to Hotel Zachary. If you are wanting to make a weekend out of your trip, you cannot beat its location. The suite option providing a great view of the ballpark!

But some might say their favorite part of baseball is the food… we of course had to go to Murphy’s Bleachers for a chicago style hot dog.

You can find ticket information for the Chicago Cubs here. For further information about the Wrigley Rooftops visit here. Information about Hotel Zachary can be found here.

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