ABC57 Road Trip: Get your game on at the NCAA Hall of Champions

ABC57 Road Trip continues this week with a trip down to Indianapolis to the NCAA Hall of Champions, a one-of-a kind museum shaped like an NCAA trophy dedicated to highlighting college sports and student-athletes.

The Hall of Champions is home to two dozen NCAA sports.

“In the first floor we have 24 sport kiosks, which you know, each kiosk represents one of our sponsored sports. On the kiosk we have, you know, you can find history, some trivia, some game highlights, current standings,” said Kortni Gurganus-Wright, Assistant Director of Operations for NCAA.

Among those are even a handful of unique sports.

“We were looking around downstairs, and we saw fencing and I was like I didn’t even know that was a sport,” said museum-goer Lindsay Norton.

“I think we learn or see a lot in the media about just like the premier sports, basketball, football... So it's a great place for kids that maybe aren't interested in those, those headlines sports to come and say, ‘wow, I do maybe have an opportunity to pursue what I love, bowling, fencing...,’” said Gurganus-Wright.

On top of 24 different displays, the museum also features a Hall of Honor and interchanging exhibits, like one showcasing the groundbreaking law that paved the way for women in sports.

“Currently we have our Title Nine timeline showcase. But this changes out when different, like big events happen, or, or just something that we want to highlight,” Gurganus-Wright said.

And if you thought the action stopped there, you might want to keep that game face on just a little longer because the experience takes things to another level...literally.

The second floor is a fully interactive area filled with simulators and sporting challenges that allow you to get in the game.

From testing your athleticism in the vertical jump, to your endurance at the ski simulator, feeling what it's like to hold a rifle (and don’t worry it's not actually loaded), busting out the blocks for a sprint and my least favorite, experiencing an 80 mile per hour tennis serve come flying at you, (through Plexi glass of course).

And after trying out all the sports, I wasn’t too familiar with, i was ready to get back to something I've known all my life, so I hit the 1930s retro gym to shoot some hoops.

Overall, the Hall of Champions is the perfect place to elevate your game on and off the court while inspiring those looking to get to the next level.

“I also like sports, I love watching sports, I love playing sports so I thought this would be a good place to go,” said visitor Sean Payment.

“I think it's a great place to showcase that there are other opportunities out there, and you can continue your education while pursuing something you love,” said Gurganus-Wright.

The Hall of Champions museum is attached to the NCAA headquarters that sits in White River Park in downtown Indianapolis, about two and half hours from South Bend.

Click here to plan your visit.

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