ABC57 Road Trip - The Forge: Lemont Quarries

NOW: ABC57 Road Trip - The Forge: Lemont Quarries

LEMONT, IL -- Nestled in the Chicago suburb of Lemont, Illinois, the Forge immerses visitors into the great outdoors. The attraction offers experiences full of education, exhilaration and entertainment. One of the attractions offered is the Eight Towers Adventure.

“You climb up in about 15 feet and from there it is choosing your adventure, you can go up, down, around and zip between them,” says Jeremie Bacon, CEO of The Forge Adventure Parks.  

It is the largest outdoor aerial course in the world with 8 towers ranging in height from 65 to 120 feet. Guests can work their way through a total of 300 elements and 2 ½ miles of ziplines. But the best part? You choose your own experience.

“And every element is rated 1 to 5 forge peaks, in difficulty, so each person has the ability to choose how difficult they want their experience to be,” says Bacon.  

Not only are they suitable for all skill levels, but they offer accessibility points too. It is all part of the Forges’ mission to provide outdoor adventures for all.

“Say you are in a wheel chair and you only have partial use of legs or full use of arms, we put you in a harness and hoist you up and we put in this level and you can go just with arm strength,” says Bacon. “So, everyone that wants too can come out and have a very similar experience which is kind of neat.”

Luckily, the Forge has options for everyone. Kids under the age of 10 or those who might be hesitant to take on the heights can opt for the two-tower adventure, a fully-netted, harness-free, ropes course.

The park also offers bouldering, mountain biking, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, and fishing…did we mention there’s outdoor laser tag and an AR escape room, too?

Parents are able to enjoy a gourmet meal and beverage at the Foundry, a restaurant along the water and the perfect place to watch the kiddos play!

For further information, visit here.

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