Adopting pets during the COVID-19 pandemic

SAINT JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind.-- Social distancing may be keeping you 6 feet away from others, but you do not have to distance yourself from your furry friends!

While we are all cooped up inside, the Saint Joseph County Humane Society believes this is the perfect time to think about adopting a dog or cat!

Even though their physical doors may be closed to walk-in's the humane society is still open to help you find your furry soulmate.

"We are still really needing our community to step up and help find these guys great homes" says executive director, Genny Carlson Brown, "Even if they are temporary homes there's a lot of people off of work right now that could use an extra cuddle bug for the next couple of weeks! So fostering and adoption is available for permanent placement."

In order to help find these animals forever homes, the staff has been diligently working to update and add more videos, pictures and descriptions to the online animal profiles.

This increase in their online social media presence is in order to help you figure out what pet/pets you would want to meet and take home with you!

The process is simple:

- Decide whether you are looking to adopt or foster an animal.

- Go to the Saint Joseph County Humane Society's website.

-Click on the "Adopt" or "Give Back" tabs.

- Fill out the corresponding adoption or fostering application.

The application is where you can specify any animals you are hoping to meet with after looking at their profiles.

-Finally, once submitted, the staff will go through and process your application and will call you to set up an in-person, hour long meeting with the animals.


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