Advice from Elkhart County Emergency Management during winter storm

NOW: Advice from Elkhart County Emergency Management during winter storm

ELKHART COUNTY, Ind. -- The main message from Elkhart County Emergency Management regarding the winter storm is that although it might be the first big snowstorm of the season, it’s not new territory for them.

If Elkhart County residents find themselves stuck or without power, Emergency Management wants them to know help is prepped and ready.

The obvious best way to keep yourself safe through this weather is to stay home, but even then, expected strong winds and heavy snow are likely to knock out some power lines. 

In that case, they say to call in first, either 911 or emergency management. They will then contact the appropriate utility service to come and lend a hand!

If you are to lose power, they estimate it won’t take too long for it to come back on but be prepared with a personal emergency kit including blankets and flashlights!

If you must leave the house, be prepared for slick conditions. 

They say main roads and state roads should be okay, mostly wet and slushy, but they warn of the county roads that are surrounded by open fields. 

Often, it’s harder to see on those roads with blowing snow and they won’t clear as fast as city roads. 

“Our county highway, they have a schedule, they’re going to be out and keep the roads open as necessary,” assured Jennifer Tobey, Executive Director for Elkhart County Emergency Management. “The one thing we don’t really have a grasp on yet is just that wind. We’ve heard there could be 50-75 mph. Some of the farm fields that are wide open and the county roads, the back roads, they might blow close before highway has a chance to get out there and clear that out.”

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