AG Curtis Hill's law license suspended for 30 days

INDIANAPOLIS -- Attorney General Curtis Hill's law license has been suspended for 30 days after the Indiana Supreme Court  found he violated rules of professional conduct.

Following an event at a local bar in 2018, Hill was accused of touching a woman's bare back without her consent, touching another woman's back without her consent, putting his hand around a woman's waist and pulling her to him without her consent and touching a woman's buttocks without her consent, according to the Supreme Court opinion.

The court agreed with the Indiana Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission report which found Hill committed acts of misdemeanor battery, which violates rules of professional conduct 84(b) and 84 (d).

The court found the battery was committed "within the ambit of the performance of his professional duties. Respondent went to the party with the purpose of discussing a bill affecting his office with key legislators and nurturing goodwill, he spent time at the party doing precisely these things, and while there he committed battery against a legislator and three legislative staffers," the opinion reads.

Those actions established a violation of rule 8.4(b), the opinion said.

Rule 8.4(d) refers to "conduct that is prejudicial to the administration of justice." Precedent states criminal conduct by those in charge of administering the law is prejudicial to the administration of justice. As the "chief legal officer of the State of Indiana," the court found Hill's conduct was prejudicial to the administration of justice.

Hill's suspension begins on May 18 with automatic reinstatement. The court did not find he violated the oath of attorneys.

Hill also must pay for the cost of the proceedings

Attorney General Curtis Hill issued the following statement:

“I accept with humility and respect the Indiana Supreme Court’s ruling of a 30-day suspension of my license with automatic reinstatement.

“I have directed that beginning Monday, May 18, Chief Deputy Aaron Negangard will assume responsibility for the legal operations of this office during the temporary suspension of my license until it is reinstated on Wednesday, June 17.

“I offer my deepest gratitude to my family, friends and the entire staff of the Office of the Attorney General. My staff has worked tirelessly and without interruption and will continue to do so on behalf of all Hoosiers.”

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