All locations of SJCPL to close on Wednesday for software upgrade

ST. JOSEPH CO., Ind. -- All locations of the St. Joseph County Public Library will be closed on Wednesday, Aug. 28.

The library is doing a software upgrade. The new software, called Sierra, will help customers look up books, and should be helpful to circulation.

According to David Eisen, the Director of the Main Branch, all computer systems have to be shut down to put in this upgrade. Customers would not be able to look up books during this time, so that is the reason for the closure.

As far as staff is concerned, everyone is still going to work. They intend to use the "free day" as a cleaning day to tidy up departmental areas.

Custodians will be changing furnace filters and getting the library's vans serviced.

Other staff will use this time as a "continuing education" day. They will train on how to use the new program and learn what it will do to help customers.

Staff will also be learning about the new ebooks program, so they can learn what to tell customers who are interested in checking out ebooks.

The ebooks program was purchased through 3M, and the SJCPL is only one of two public libraries in the state with this technology.

Eisen also wanted to make it clear if patrons are concerned their books and other materials are overdue, not to worry -- the book drops will still be open.

Library staff will check the book drops during the day to make sure everything is taken care of and patrons will not be charged any overdue fees.

Library services will resume at all branches on Thursday at 9 a.m.


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