Alleged shootout caught on camera in South Bend

NOW: Alleged shootout caught on camera in South Bend


SOUTH BEND, Ind.--- Home surveillance video captured an alleged shootout on East Fox Street in South Bend. There is no word from South Bend Police on any suspect information.

Anna Ziegler, whose home security cameras captured the incident, says her teenage children alerted her to the shooting while she was at work.

“Apparently they thought a drive-by was going to happen, the people across the street saw a car pulling up and started firing at him,” said Ziegler.

The shooting comes on the heels of a violent weekend in South Bend that left seven people injured and one person dead.

“To see it captured on video of the homeowners who captured the incident, just cannot even fathom people not having a conscious for what they’re doing and that bullets don’t have eyes,” said Councilwoman Sharon McBride.

McBride says the South Bend Common Council is working on ways to curb the violence in the city.

“It seems like it’s a broken records that people are not listening, or don’t even care or are not valuing each other’s lives,” said McBride.

Zeigler says she plans on moving to protect her family from more violence.

“I really wish I could’ve been here so that I could protect them even though there wasn’t much I could’ve done,” said Ziegler. “I still felt really helpless.”

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